Western European Sales of Business Wide Monitors Double in Q3 2018

There was no slowdown in sales of desktop monitors in Western Europe (WE) in Q3 2018 and the higher numbers led to revenue growth of over +12% year-on-year. Amongst the top performers were ultra-wide monitors, which saw sales increase by +30%, according to the latest data from Context, the IT market intelligence company.

In the third quarter of last year, almost 75% of monitors with wider aspect ratios (such as 21:9 or 32:9) were aimed at consumers, particularly gamers. This year, the balance of business- and consumer-targeted models was more even as sales of consumer models declined in Q3 while those of business models doubled. However, overall volumes are still low and represent less than 6% of total monitor sales.

Dominika Koncewicz, Senior Analyst for Displays at Context

The marked growth in sales of ultra-wide monitors to businesses reflects the need for more screen real estate in corporate environment”, said Dominika Koncewicz, Senior Analyst for Displays at Context. “This year, distributors have seen vendors launching more models to expand the range of ultra-wide monitors available by offering different screen sizes and a variety of features.” The bestseller in WE distribution in Q3 2018 was a 86.3-cm ultra-wide business monitor from Samsung. Monitors of this size accounted for over 63% of those sold to businesses in the quarter – and the numbers keep growing – but there is increasing interest in larger screens of, for example, 95.3- and 124.5-cm.

Despite a decline in sales of ultra-wide monitors to consumers in Q3, holiday offers and increased competition mean Q4 should be stronger”, Koncewicz added. “And, with vendors reducing the prices of some top-selling ultra-wide monitors and launching new models, we can expect growth in this niche to continue into 2019.