Grey Wizard Appoints Inuit

Swedish network and security VAD Inuit has expanded its security and cloud services offering with Grey Wizard, which offers a cloud-based security solution to protect websites and IoT networks from cyber attacks. The Grey Wizard service protects IT infrastructures from DDoS attacks, information theft, malicious bots and other digital threats. In addition, users get a faster and more reliable website through the Grey Wizards content delivery network (CDN).

Grey Wizard Shield is a cloud service provides several advantages such as being scalable at load peaks and no need for internal expertise to get started quickly. This in combination with a good price picture enables small and medium-sized organisations to improve their protection against DDoS and cyber attacks.

Thorir Eggertsson, CEO of Inuit

"The collaboration means that Inuit establishes Grey Wizard on the Swedish market through its partner channel. The external threat picture has become complex to deal with, which has resulted in the fact that often only the larger companies have resources to protect themselves effectively. We want to change that with Grey Wizard Shield, which is a cloud-based protection for websites that fit all organisations and is well suited for operating partners", says Thorir Eggertsson, CEO of Inuit.

"In 2018, Grey Wizard has begun its European expansion and they are happy to have Inuit on the journey. Grey Wizard is extremely happy to work with such an experienced distributor as Inuit. We see Inuit as a perfect partner for us and look forward to starting our journey together”, says Wojciech Maciejewski, Global Business Development Manager at Grey Wizard.