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Yubico Chooses Infinigate

Network and security VAD Infinigate and Yubico have joined forces to support and develop their network of partners in France and Europe. Founded in 2007, Yubico is a provider of physical security keys for authentication. The company initially signed with Infinigate in the Netherlands (before the acquisition of Crypsys) and is now expanding its presence in Denmark, Finland, France, Norway and Sweden.

Yubico's Yubikey

Weak user names and passwords, as well as SMS authentication, reinforce the growing demand for strong two-factor authentication. Yubico continues to create authentication technologies that work not only for today's authentication needs, but also for tomorrow's systems, helping to bridge the gap between existing solutions and future password-free connection needs. The YubiKey 5 series offers the same ease of use, level of security and durability as a YubiKey key, with additional authentication and communication interface features. Multiprotocol, including FIDO U2F, smart card (PIV), OTP Yubico, OpenPGP, OATH-TOTP, OATH-HOTP and Challenge-Response on the same key, the YubiKey 5 series has introduced FIDO2 in the range. The YubiKey 5 NFC security key is also new in the series, integrating all protocols supported via USB and NFC for new user experiences, such as Tap-and-Go authentication on a desktop, laptop or mobile computer with FIDO2. With the support of a thriving community of partners and developers, the YubiKey is used for enterprise applications, open source applications and client applications, such as FIDO U2F, identity management solutions, remote access and VPN, online services, computer connection and password managers.

"The YubiKey key has become the absolute reference by making strong authentication and encryption easy to use. Yubico's solutions will support our customers' projects by providing value and advanced security - because they are more complete - on topics that go beyond the simple framework of infrastructure security", says Tony Cilibrasi, Business Development Manager at Infinigate France.

"With Infinigate, Yubico is in good hands to help us expand our presence in the French and Scandinavian markets and serve our local Yubico customers", added Fredrik Krantz, Vice President of EMEA Sales at Yubico.

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