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Extenso Telecom to Distribute the Google Home Personal Assistant

French telephony and smart device specialist Extenso Telecom has announced a distribution agreement with Google to distribute its Google Home personal assistant to major retailers and professional networks in the country.

Extenso Telecom, a key player in the telecoms and high-tech market, through its diversified range of products and services, has become the preferred partner of major manufacturers' and startups' brands. Its vocation is to be a new generation global integrated player, resolutely focused on product innovation, now offers Google's personal assistant "Google Home" to all its distribution partners.

téphane Bohbot, President of Innov8 Group and Extenso Telecom

"Voice assistants, such as Google Home, will accelerate the growth of Smart Home for the general public with simplified installation and intuitive voice control to simplify the use of all these new connected devices. We are delighted to be able to offer our partners a real eco-system of products around Google Home but also to democratise these new uses with the general public", says Stéphane Bohbot, President of Innov8 Group and its distribution subsidiary Extenso Telecom. "With Google Home, it will be possible through a playful use to control the comfort or safety of your home: lighting control the temperature, return equipment, launch music simply with the voice…"

According to the GfK institute, which published key data on the market for connected objects in April 2017, this usage is multiplying in French households. Indeed, the €1 billion turnover threshold was reached in 2017, with more than 5.2 million items purchased. All IoT categories are up by 2 figures, with Smart Home boosting the market, as it represents the main part of the market (2/3) in both volume and value, while growing by 42% in volume.

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