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EET Europarts Displays on Sharp

Allan Friis, Sales Director Retail at EET Europarts

Multispecialist EET Europarts has just entered into cooperation with Sharp on the sale and distribution of Sharp's TV in the Nordic market, through its offices in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, in addition to the distribution of Loewe high-end products. The agreement follows the decision by Sharp to take over their licenses on consumer TVs in Europe and to relaunch Sharp TV on a large scale in the Nordic market.

About the collaboration with Sharp, Allan Friis, Sales Director Retail at EET Europarts, says: “we are incredibly pleased to have entered into an agreement with Sharp for the distribution of Sharp on the Nordic market. Sharp is extremely strong in large, function-packed quality screens at affordable prices. With this agreement we now have the opportunity to fill out the exact hole in the market, where the private consumer can actually get extra many inches for the money.

The Sharp Consumer TV division, which has been out-licensed in Europe for a shorter period, is now again part of Sharp's direct activity and is ready for a relaunch. In this connection, the choice of EET as a partner is a strategic decision justified by Jacob Hedegaard, Sales Director Nordic Region, Sharp: “Sharp has not only chosen EET as a distributor because of their years of experience in distributing consumer electronics in the Nordic countries. First and foremost, we have chosen EET because they have a well-deserved reputation as a value-creating distributor, who not only moves boxes from A to B, but adds value, knowledge and a professionalism that is measurable for both suppliers and end customers. A business model that thinks all the way around a sale and adds everything that we as a manufacturer weigh the most when choosing a distributor."

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