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Listen Technologies Appoints Sidev

French AV VAD Sidev has started through its audio division Perfect Sound the distribution of Listen Technologies assistive listening products. Among others, it launches over the French market Listen Talk transceivers, for a fluid and shared communication. For the past 20 years, Listen Technologies, which originated in the USA, has been manufacturing and distributing highly technological solutions for multiple uses in communication material (visits, interpretation, training, etc.)

Christophe Palluat de Besset, Director of Perfect Sound

"For the past 3 years, we have been developing unique solutions for a very wide audience, which are easy to implement and of exceptional quality, and totally secure", says Christophe Palluat de Besset, Director of Perfect Sound. By now offering Listen Technologies products, Sidev adds a new string to its bow with a full range of very specialised wireless audio solutions. Defying noise, distance and loss of sound intensity, Listen Technologies products, which are known for their ease of installation and use, are particularly suitable for museums, theatres, any conference space. They also match perfectly the organization of visits to companies, industrial sites or construction sites.

The arrival of the Listen Talk range now offers new development opportunities with unique specificities. Using an encrypted frequency band, in accordance with international standards, Listen Talk provides communication totally secure. "So whatever the location (general public - museums, exhibitions, industrial installations, sensitive sites, etc.), we ensure our customers with a total protection of information exchanged during visits", explains Christophe Palluat de Besset. In addition to transceivers, SIDEV offers a wide range of services a wide range of headsets, adapting to all types of environments, from the quietest to the loudest.

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