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BNS Opens a Subsidiary in Germany

Bastiaan Kuijlaars, BNS director

Dutch telecom VAD BNS Data Logistics has opened the doors of a new branch in Germany. Besides the head office in Vianen and a branch in the United Kingdom, and after the quiet shutting down of the French office some months ago, BNS Deutschland is another third European branch for the distributor. By entering into a partnership with Deutsche Glasfaser, Germany's largest broadband provider, the company is thus taking advantage of optimal services for the German market.

From now on, BNS takes over the entire logistics and lifecycle management services for fibre-optic connections for Deutsche Glasfaser. "The new branch will enable us to provide our German customers with the best possible service", says Arnoud Hersbach, BNS business development manager. "The physical location in Germany also offers a large number of advantages for our Dutch customers. BNS' partners have already indicated that there is enormous potential for growth through expansion in the German market. A physical branch creates a shorter time-to-market for BNS' partners."

Deutsche Glasfaser, founded in 2011 as a sister company of the Dutch Reggefiber, is the German market leader when it comes to fibre-optic networks in rural areas and also provider of telecom services such as internet, television and telephony. Deutsche Glasfaser is growing rapidly in both B2C and B2B. Deutsche Glasfaser specifically chose BNS because of its knowledge and experience in the field of fulfillment and fibre-optic products.

Bastiaan Kuijlaars, BNS director, says: "I am extremely proud to be able to participate in the German market as a Dutch company. Traditionally, there has been a strong preference for local partners in Germany. The unique range of services, products and our expertise in the field of lifecycle management is so unique that we eventually fell in love with it."

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