Tech Data Launches Tech-as-a-Service Leasing Platform

Broadliner Tech Data offers its channel partners an innovative approach to technology usage that eliminates the need for up-front investment by end customers while simplifying technology infrastructure management.

Many companies are currently switching to service-based pay-as-you-go models for their IT needs. With Tech-as-a-Service, the Munich-based distributor presents an automated platform that offers partners a quick and uncomplicated way to place attractive leasing models with customers. Partners can send a personalised offer directly from the e-commerce system InTouch to their end customers within a few minutes.

Tech Data's easy-to-use Tech-as-a-Service tool enables resellers to quickly and easily lease their customers the latest hardware, software and services. In addition, the model allows the sales partner to incorporate additional services such as installation, training, maintenance and support into the end customer's leasing contract.

Tech Data's new service offering is characterised by the fact that products and services from different manufacturers can be bundled in a single leasing contract. As soon as at least one product from HP Inc. computing, Lenovo clients, Microsoft Surface, Apple, Samsung Mobiles or Huawei Mobiles is included in the shopping cart, any number of products from other manufacturers can be leased. The model covers the entire technology lifecycle - from procurement and implementation to management and end-of-life recycling. The tool, which runs via InTouch, makes it just as easy to integrate additional products and services in line with requirements as it is to map follow-up transactions, refreshes or upgrades. The only prerequisite is that the Tech Data sales contact person activates the dealer.

Oliver Kaiser, Director Marketing & Chief Digital Officer at Tech Data Germany & Austria

Oliver Kaiser, Director Marketing & Chief Digital Officer for Tech Data Germany & Austria, says about the new service: "I am delighted that we can now offer our partners Tech-as-a-Service, our automated leasing platform, with which partners can quickly and easily provide their end customers with hardware, software and services via leasing. Companies and the public sector will benefit significantly from the shift in IT costs from capital to operating expenses. A customised Tech-as-a-Service plan can offer the end customers of our sales partners significantly more planning security and maximum efficiency through the use of state-of-the-art technology. As part of the Tech-as-a-Service model, partners can also offer their own additional services such as installation, training, maintenance and support. By eliminating the price barrier, they achieve significantly higher margins on their solution sales. I see the strengthened relationship with end customers and the opportunities for long-term repeat business and orders for IT technology upgrades as clear added value for our sales partners."