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Tech Data to Drive Corporate Wellness Growth With Fitbit

Broadliner Tech Data and Fitbit are working together to promote the vast potential for partners to exploit the expected growth in corporate wellness programmes in the British SMB market. According to Grand View Research, the global market is expected to reach €75.2 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 6.8%. Growth is being driven by rising insurance costs, greater awareness of the impact health and fitness has on productivity and a desire from employees to be healthier. Tech Data is building on its existing corporate wellness programme, which is helping resellers meet the needs of the growing number of end-user organisations currently exploring the potential of schemes that encourage employees to adopt healthier lifestyles. It is working with Fitbit to engage on their comprehensive value proposition, which includes Fitbit devices and software. Tech Data staff are being trained in the solutions, and an enablement programme is being created that will offer resellers sales and support on Fitbit solutions, as well as demonstration and trial period offers.

Dave Brassington, Business Unit Director - Mobile & CE Endpoint Solutions at Tech Data UK

Dave Brassington, Business Unit Director - Mobile & CE Endpoint Solutions at Tech Data UK, said: “there are around 5.5 million SMBs in the UK and they employ around 16 million people. They need staff to perform at their best, so keeping them fit and healthy is a priority. Likewise, a workforce that is much more engaged leads to increased productivity and a reduction in attrition rates, so it really is a no-brainer. Attracting new talent is also becoming increasingly difficult. As awareness about health and well-being rises, businesses are adopting a variety of health-centric programmes to attract the best talent and to differentiate themselves from their competition. There are a number of larger corporates who have launched schemes in recent times, but we’ve seen very little activity to target SMBs to date.” The market has really taken off in the US, he noted. “Over there, penetration levels amongst businesses are as high as 80 per cent and we’re starting to see a groundswell in the UK. With Fitbit, small businesses have the capability to encourage employee health and fitness and even run competitions between teams and individual staff members. We are on the cusp of a rapid acceleration, so now’s the time to start taking the message to our reseller partners and enabling them to take advantage of this growth opportunity.” There are also other potential uses for the technology, he pointed out. “Fitbit wearables are highly desirable devices and will work well as an incentive for consumers who take out subscriptions to TV or mobile services, or health insurance policies, for example. The potential for resellers is huge and wide-ranging and Tech Data will be doing everything it can to support resellers in driving sales in all these areas of the market.” Fitbit is recognised and trusted as a leader in health and fitness. Its devices are worn by more than 25 million people and the Fitbit wellness app is one of the leading health and fitness apps on iOS and Android in the US. Fitbit Health Solutions, which develops health and wellness solutions designed to help increase engagement, improve health outcomes, and drive a positive return for employers, already has 1500 enterprise customers. It recently launched Fitbit Care – a powerful enterprise health platform for wellness, prevention and disease management that provides an easy-to-use dashboard and reporting tools for employers. As well as a range of wearable devices including the newly introduced Charge 3, Fitbit also recently launched Fitbit Pay for the Iconic and Versa models, which enables users to pay for goods on the go all from their wrist, all of which are in stock and available to order from Tech Data.


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