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Avnet Silica Expands LoRa Solutions Offerings with Miromico

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Semiconductor specialist Avnet Silica has started to work with Miromico, a provider of IoT sensors and gateway products, to enable an easier access for its customers to IoT hardware. Miromico’s portfolio includes LoRaWAN-based, feature-rich sensor modules and gateways as out-of-the box solutions for use cases like: remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, home shopping and tracking -- where the combination of long-range wireless communication and low power consumption are ideal. Other application areas are: agriculture, smart city, healthcare, facility management, factory automation and retail.

Jürg Siegenthaler, responsible for 3rd party management at Avnet Silica

Together with Miromico and our other partners we are able offer complete Edge to Cloud solutions which significantly shorten the time from idea to proof of value”, explains Jürg Siegenthaler, responsible for 3rd party management at Avnet Silica. “Nowadays development and proof of concept are crucial for every system solution, and with this addition to our linecard, we are able to provide a development and proof of concept process with hardware, software and support out of the box.

Through the cooperation with Avnet Silica, Miromico is able to distribute its IoT powered modules, sensors, and gateways worldwide cost-efficiently and effectively to provide customers with the highest level of technical support”, said Schekeb Fateh, Business Development at Miromico. “B2B clients can easily and quickly develop and scale full-stack IoT solutions with the broad portfolio of Avnet Silica's products and solutions."

Avnet Silica and Miromico are both members of the LoRa Alliance. The LoRaWAN standard is quickly gaining popularity to connect sensors across long distances (up to 100km), whilst keeping batteries alive for almost a decade.

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