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DSD Europe Adds Dropbox Business to its Cloud Services Platform

Software specialist DSD Europe has added Dropbox Business cloud service to its distribution platform. With Dropbox Business, users can work productively and securely at any time and anywhere by keeping all their files in the cloud. Available as a monthly service on the DSD platform, for a fixed monthly fee per user, Dropbox Business customers have access to all Dropbox features and as much storage space as necessary. The number of users can be increased at any time.

Dropbox Business is a collaboration platform for data storage and sharing. With powerful collaboration features and central location for all files, users can not only collaborate better with colleagues, but also with partners, suppliers or customers. In addition, Dropbox Business offers a variety of management tools to provide complete visibility and control of the entire enterprise for IT administrators.

Laurent Cauwel, DSD France lead team and partner

"Dropbox Business contains several unique features that make it easy and productive to work", says Laurent Cauwel, DSD France lead team and partner. "Think of the external integrations that now work even better with all your favorite programs and applications, such as Adobe or DocuSign. This looks like platform independence, which allows the tool to run in the same way on Windows, Mac and 40 other operating systems. And efficient synchronisation methods, which means that you can, among other things, share files offline via a LAN connection.

"Now that the collaboration market in the Benelux is growing rapidly, we are pleased to add DSD Europe to our portfolio of partners, with its young, solid and passionate team", said Marcel van de Gender, Head of the Benelux Commercial Chain at Dropbox. "DSD Europe is focused on a market with partners that allows us to further develop our activities in the Benelux. We can also do this at a low level and alongside our existing partners. In addition, the DSD cloud platform has undergone considerable technical development in recent years, and we want to share it with our customers."

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