Swoop Datacom solutions now available at ScanSource

Swoop Datacom, a developer of lifecycle management systems, has announced that its offerings are available through telecom VAD ScanSource Imago. Though this new relationship, ScanSource resellers in Europe have access to the innovative ForgeServe solution, which complements AV and IP handsets for many of ScanSource’s trusted suppliers, through ScanSource Imago offices in Belgium, France, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom. The new ForgeServe solution will now offer partners enhanced abilities to simplify and reduce the cost of IP device deployment. With advanced provisioning and estate management features, ScanSource partners can now utilise a tool that can radically improve their ability to deploy IP devices whilst reducing overheads. In addition to improving IP device deployment capabilities, ForgeServe also dramatically improves the abilities of service providers and resellers to manage customer device estates. The solution empowers providers with the capabilities to provide estate management, with features like real-time change control and zero touch device management. Features like these transform an organisation’s ability to reduce the traditional costs associated with management, whilst increasing beneficial services to end customers. John Bennett, CEO of Swoop Datacom, talks about the new partnership with ScanSource and the huge opportunity this represents for resellers: “ScanSource are one of the largest and most successful UC distributors and they, and their partners, deploying large numbers of IP devices. With our partnership, we can now offer ForgeServe as an enhancement to their existing portfolio to improve the effectiveness and profitability of IP device deployments and management throughout their lifecycle.

Paul Emery, Cloud Solutions and Services Vice President at ScanSource

The new ForgeServe solution will be made available through ScanSource with immediate effect so all partners will now be able to benefit from the cost-saving efficiency features. Paul Emery, Cloud Solutions and Services Vice President at ScanSource, explains why adding innovative new solution platforms to ScanSource’s portfolio is key for partners: “we are constantly looking for new technology solutions that can help our partners and resellers improve services to their end customers, whilst decreasing their operating expenditure. The ForgeServe solution does exactly that, enabling them to simplify IP device deployment and management but also increase their opportunity to improve profit margins.