A New Name for Xeptor

Dutch Infotheek Group has unveiled a trade name change for Xeptor, its distribution division, to reflect its strategic direction towards Circular IT. The name change reflects the company’s broader commitment to Circular IT and its expertise in driving the changes needed to shape the future of sustainable solutions in IT hardware.

Stephan Derksen, Managing Director of Flex IT Distribution

The new name – Flex IT Distribution – allows us to emphasise our mission to establish refurbished and Circular IT hardware as a true alternative to new hardware and building a sustainable future”, said Stephan Derksen, Managing Director of Flex IT Distribution. Mid 2018, Infotheek Group announced a name change for its integrated end-user activities after acquiring Centralpoint and Scholten Awater. Now its distribution division is ready for the next phase. The company expanded to more than 10 countries in Europe, established a leading position in IT Rent (Flex IT Rent) and became the leading Circular IT partner for several vendors, including HP, Microsoft and Cisco.

Infotheek Group has supplied the IT industry with refurbished hardware since 1991. “The industry is developing new economic models at an accelerated pace, promoting re-use and forcing a reduction of carbon footprint and waste while offering an opportunity for a hybrid IT environment consisting of an optimal mix of circular and new hardware”, says Derksen. “After several acquisitions, we carried multiple brand names that will now be unified into Flex IT Distribution. Our name change reflects our international expansion and long term view. We innovate by using refurbished or end-of-life hardware and providing our customers with the flexibility of choice through a hybrid model. It allows our resellers and their customers to design an IT environment with refurbished or circular products when the latest technology is less relevant and using the savings to acquire the latest technology where it really adds value to the company’s business model. In addition, customers can offer their surplus or used hardware for sale. By doing so, they contribute to the circular economy and receive additional funds for added flexibility.

In February, the company will launch a new webshop that provides access to high quality new, end-of-life, ex-demo and refurbished products from various A brands with a wide range of PC’s, notebooks, servers, storage, networking products, mobile phones and tablets. Derksen explains: “we live by our slogan ‘Leading Circular IT’, which forces us to keep innovating. Our customers and vendors acknowledge our a-typical approach. Our people work differently. They are closely connected with 8500 resellers across Europe, are involved in their commercial process and give advice about the functional differences between current and previous generations of hardware and support their customers in saving on their IT budget and achieving sustainability goals without compromising on quality. We encourage that our people aren’t afraid to bring new insights to the table.

The new name is effective immediately, and will be implemented across the company’s products and services throughout the calendar year 2019.