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Exertis Hammer in a Strongbox

Storage and infrastructure VAD Exertis Hammer has signed a partnership with StrongBox Data Solutions, a provider of intelligent data management systems, for EMEA distribution rights to its StrongLink data management software. Through this partnership, StrongBox products will be available in the region through Exertis Hammer offices in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

StrongLink enables users to gain the maximum value from their data by automating many of the difficult problems related to heterogeneous storage environments such as data protection, migrations, archiving, governance and provenance. With StrongLink, users can also better meet compliance obligations, such as GDPR, and long term data preservation as well as simplifying management of complex file systems across multiple vendor platforms. Exertis Hammer aims to include StrongLink as part of its large data storage systems sales.

Adam Blackwell, Exertis Hammer’s General Manager for Software Defined Solutions

StrongLink is aimed at anyone looking to manage large amounts of data in an intelligent and secure way”, said Exertis Hammer’s General Manager for Software Defined Solutions, Adam Blackwell. “It is now one of our collaborative vendors, working together to help us provide a full value-add solution to major data storage users.

StrongLink uses standard and custom metadata to provide powerful analytics and build workflows to automate storage and data management across multi-vendor storage environments. It simplifies the complexity of data management and protection, connecting any storage and cloud platform, and can scale to accommodate the world's most demanding data environments. By using such an open platform, users are not locked into particular vendor storage solutions.

Our mission is to make storage and data management simple, automated and cost effective”, said David Cerf, CEO of StrongBox Data. “We address the unique problems that come from heterogeneous storage environments such as migrations, technology refresh, HPC, archiving and business continuity. We are delighted to be partnering with Exertis Hammer and so benefit from its wide European reach and extensive links within a range of vertical markets.

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