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DSD Hand in Hand with Dropsuite

Sofware specialist DSD Europe has signed a partnership with Dropsuite by adding Dropsuite Cloud Backup for Office 365 and Dropsuite Email Backup to its cloud services offering. With no hidden costs or tedious configuration requirements, Dropsuite Cloud Backup protects all your customers' Office 365 data (Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive, Groups and Teams) for a fixed monthly fee per workstation. Dropsuite offers you unlimited storage space and unlimited data storage.

With the multi-tenant cloud console, you can manage all your customers' workstations in a single view. This makes Dropsuite's backup solutions particularly interesting for MSPs! A master agreement is activated via DSD, allowing you to manage all the workstations of your active customers in the cloud console.

Laurent Cauwel, DSD France lead team and partner

With only 30 days of data storage for deleted files, Office 365 does not protect against data accidentally or deliberately deleted or damaged by employees, or taken hostage by ransom malware. Without a backup solution, your customers' Office 365 data is constantly exposed to threats. "Dropsuite Cloud Backup protects all Office 365 data in Exchange Online (emails, calendars, contacts and tasks), OneDrive, SharePoints and team databases", explains Laurent Cauwel, DSD France lead team and partner. "With unlimited storage space and the ability to configure infinite data storage for a fixed monthly cost, Dropsuite offers a unique solution in the Office 365 Backup and Recovery landscape. The same applies to Email Backup, which allows you to back up all important email data, including files, attachments, calendars and tasks, with one workstation: unlimited and with flexible storage periods."

Dropsuite's backup solutions are 100% cloud-based: a user does not need to download or install a user agent and, because the user agent operates entirely online, a backup does not depend on a system. "Office 365 data is taken, blocked, stored and destroyed every day", said Ridley Ruth, Dropsuite's Chief Operating Officer. "That's why every organization must complement Office 365's native backup capabilities with an external cloud backup and archiving solution such as Dropsuite Cloud Backup."

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