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EET in Partnership with JLab

Multispecialist EET Europarts, which has mainly focused on sales and distribution of audio products for the high-end segment, has now entered into an agreement with JLab, which focuses on developing audio products with a fantastic sound, an inspiring design and innovative technology, all at affordable prices.

Allan Friis, Sales Director Retail at EET Europarts

"The reason why we have signed an agreement with JLab is that we are dealing here with an award winning brand, where we experience an incredibly good connection between price and quality. The price structure of JLab's products enables us to reach a mass market that we have not so far focused on, and that with some products that far exceed expectations in relation to price”, says Allan Friis, Sales Director Retail at EET Europarts.

In the US domestic market, JLab is the fastest growing audio brand when considering volume, and especially in the category of True Wireless, they have taken a strong lead. With the huge success the brand has achieved in the domestic market, JLab is now entering the rest of the world.

"Having achieved a leading position in a highly competitive US market for headsets, JLab is now ready to broaden its success in the rest of the world. We are extremely pleased to have signed a contract with EET as our distribution partner in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Since JLab offers a wide range of products in a similarly wide price range, it is important to us that our distribution partner can reach all relevant channels throughout the region. We are confident that at EET we have found the right partner to handle the sales and distribution of our products, and we look forward to building the JLab brand in the Nordic and Baltic countries”, says Viggo Olsen, Head of EMEA and APAC for JLab.

JLab's products will be available from selected dealers in both the Nordic and Baltic countries as of the second quarter of 2019 through EET Europarts offices in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

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