RLVNT Signs Agreement with COROS

Martin Liljegren, founder of RLVNT

Swedish consumer electronics specialist RLVNT Distribution has inked a distribution agreement with COROS Wearables. COROS develops products for explorers and athletes with a focus on creating inspiring experiences under extreme conditions. The distribution agreement includes Benelux, Denmark, France, Finland, Norway and Sweden and will in the beginning concentrate on COROS’ GPS Multisport watch APEX.

The GPS Multisport watch APEX is a premium watch designed for explorers and athletes wanting to train harder, safer and more efficiently. COROS team of researchers and engineers have, together with athletes from all around the world, worked to develop a watch that delivers on the needs of these athletes. The result is COROS APEX with its exclusive software COROS Training.

APEX, along with COROS Trainer, is simply the most incredible watch for multisport training and races”, says Lewis Wu, CEO at COROS Wearables. “We are very excited to enable athletes worldwide to effortlessly track the stamina level, lactate threshold speed, training effect, recovery time and many other key fitness metrics. So, athletes can train more efficiently to meet personal goals.

Key features include but are not limited to:

  • Training guide based on calculations from users heart rate

  • Prevention of injury based on effort, effect and recovery time

  • Advanced training analysis including VO2 max, threshold pace and training load

  • Easy navigation

  • Ultra-durable battery life

We are extremely happy about the agreement with COROS”, says Martin Liljegren, founder of RLVNT. “With COROS we can offer a unique watch with features which has never been seen in any other type of watch in this class. COROS are extremely talented, with a drive to merge innovative technology with products designed specifically for explorers and athletes. We are really looking forward to this journey and to present the products to our markets.

COROS product portfolio also includes innovative bike helmets with EOSS system, SOS emergency alerts, LED lights and microphone.