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Bigben Connected Launches Samsung-Certified Screen Protections

Michel Bassot, Managing Director of Bigben Connected

  • Bigben Connected, the French leader in accessories and connected objects for mobiles, continues to innovate and announces the launch of the first glass "Force Glass" screen protectors, tested and certified by the Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program label from Samsung in Korea. This range will be available for Samsung smartphones from March 2019 and will feature the exclusive "Designed for Samsung" label on the packaging. A gradual extension of the protections to the brand's other most popular phones will then be proposed. The result of more than six months of cooperation with Samsung's R&D teams in Korea, Bigben has made a new breakthrough: developing a very high quality glass guaranteed for life to protect the screens of smartphones tested and certified by Samsung as part of its Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program. In doing so, Bigben Connected once again demonstrates its ability to innovate and work closely with the market's leading manufacturers and brands. Launched under the Force Glass brand, these new products from Bigben Connected offer a triple advantage:

  • the very high impact resistance of glass

  • the best compatibility for Samsung smartphones certified by the manufacturer

the lifetime guarantee for Force Glass glass, which has been a success since its launch in 2015

Michel Bassot, Managing Director of Bigben Connected, commented: "this announcement is the result of an industrial collaboration with Samsung's teams. We are proud to announce this innovation and allow Samsung Smartphone users to effectively protect their phones with our Force Glass protection. We will continue to invest sustainably in our market to maintain our competitive advantage and provide consumers with access to high-quality accessories to protect and use their mobiles under the best conditions."

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