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Tech Data Launches its "Visual Collaborative Workplace"

Cyril Daloz, CEO of iObeya

The French office of broadliner Tech Data has expanded its catalogue with "Visual Collaborative Workplace". This offer is the result of an alliance between Microsoft, iObeya (Enterprise platform that virtualises meeting rooms dedicated to Visual Management practices) and Tech Data. This exclusive offer from Tech Data, integrating Azure, Office365 and iObeya, provides a unique solution for small and medium-sized businesses that choose collaboration as a driver of performance and agility.

iObeya, integrated into the Office365 range through Teams, provides the complementary digital solution to Microsoft's Collaborative Workplace that allows you to hold any type of meeting from a post-it to a creativity workshop, from the Agile project scrum to the huddle meeting for Lean continuous improvement. Nearly 300,000 users have already been won over by iObeya and its simple, rich and immersive solution that combines digital and human to catalyse collective intelligence and team dynamics within major French and international groups. This offer provides a technological response to organizations in ultra-mobility situations, aiming at performance through cultural and managerial change.

Cyril Daloz, CEO of iObeya, comments: "I am delighted with the signing of this partnership with Tech Data and Microsoft, which provides medium and small companies with the ideal support for their organizations that have chosen a more participative management approach and that wish to promote/accelerate this cultural change that generates efficiency and creativity."

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