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Arrow Electronics Addresses Vertical Markets With ProEsys IoT Solutions

Eugenio Sabatella, CEO of ProEsys

Industrial computing specialist Arrow Electronics has signed an EMEA distribution agreement with ProEsys Technologies, an Italy-based provider of IoT solutions for vertical markets. ProEsys has a focus on radio and IoT transmission technologies for smart cities and smart agriculture, telecommunications, transport, maritime and safety/security markets. Backed by the European Space Agency's business incubator program, ProEsys has developed a variety of dedicated vertical IoT communications solutions based on sensors, LoRa (long-range wide-area network) and Ultra-wideband gateways, designed for critical infrastructures and indoor/outdoor localization systems monitoring.

ProEsys has created several use cases for IoT connectivity, including:

  • a monitoring system for electrical towers building upon integrity-vibration-monitoring-system sensors (IVMS), gateways and LoRa connectivity. Real-time, encrypted alerts update the energy operator owning the infrastructure on anomalies such as strong vibrations, structural failures and other relevant data

  • another solution for the energy utility market is the IPS-1 industrial pressure sensor providing leak detection in oil, gas and water pipeline systems

  • private network solutions based on ProEsys Network Server is also available for customers owning critical infrastructures

  • the WearLOC-2 LoRa wearable device in outdoor locations with no other mobile or radio communications to improve people and worker safety and to protect access to sensitive areas. The sensors allow global navigation satellite system positioning (GNSS) and to monitor workers' bio activities

  • WSN, Worker Safety Network solution is available in a practical high-visibility rugged suitcase containing WearLOC-2 wearable devices and a special LoRa Gateway relayed via satellite, creating a portable LoRa 'bubble' with worldwide satellite coverage

"Arrow Electronics has a unique global positioning when it comes to full lifecycle IoT solutions and services", says Ing. Eugenio Sabatella, CEO of ProEsys. "Arrow's aggregation capabilities combined with a strong customer outreach into tech and vertical markets will help us tremendously to increase the visibility of our dedicated innovations for vertical markets in the EMEA region."

ProEsys joins Arrow's global IoT ecosystem that builds upon the idea to bring together leading providers of advanced technology to implement IoT solutions depending on the customer`s individual requirements. Arrow Electronics has the technology solutions, the specialist expertise and the ecosystem of suppliers to deliver an end-to-end IoT portfolio. Businesses can deploy, manage, monitor, analyse, secure and monetise connected devices and services throughout their lifecycle, all from Arrow.

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