Alltron Distributes the New VAIO Generation


VAIO, the now independent Japanese manufacturer born on the former notebook business of Sony, is back on the Swiss market with two brand new notebooks. Both are distributed by Alltron, the official launch partner for VAIO in Switzerland. The devices developed and built in Japan by VAIO are distributed throughout Europe by TREKSTOR as a business licensing partner. Launch partner of TREKSTOR and VAIO in Switzerland is the Aargauer distributor Alltron.

With the two devices SX14 and A12, the manufacturer continues the well-known quality features of VAIO notebooks: light, powerful, made of high-quality materials. The cases are made of magnesium or carbon fiber, paired with aluminum, in high-quality workmanship. As in the past, VAIO continues to focus on rigorous stress testing during product development. Customers benefit from a two-year warranty including pick up & return service, with the option of extending the warranty to four years.

  • VAIO SX14 - a 999-gram lightweight 14-inch ultrabook: VAIO provides the Intel processors of the Core i7 or i5 series with additional speed: With "TruePerformance", a kind of dynamic overclocking without overheating risk, the computing power of the flagship SX14 is optimally adapted to the requirements. This means that the processors in VAIO notebooks are faster than the serial products and make optimum use of the power reserves. The cooling technology of the CPU has been redesigned to effectively dissipate heat. The tuning kit for the processor massively reduces response times and increases performance.

  • VAIO A12 - a practical 2-in-1 device: The A12 offers all the benefits of a notebook and tablet. The hinges and tablet dock offer stability thanks to the stabilising flap and allow ergonomic typing due to the inclination of the keyboard. You can use your fingers or the included VAIO Digitiser Pen to operate the touch display.