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Alstor Transfers Part of its Business to Alstor SDS

Adam Zwierzynski, CEO of Alstor

The Management Board of AV and mobility specialist Alstor has decided to transfer part of its business to newly created Alstor SDS. Alstor will continue its business activity based on three main pillars - business units that will distribute medical solutions, consumer products and imaging solutions. The latter are directed mainly to specialist applications: photography, graphics, medicine, monitoring and other vertical markets, in partnership with Eizo. These product lines together account for more than 70% of Alstor's current turnover. On its part, Alstor SDS will offer solutions for document processing (DMS), broadly understood IT and Data Center infrastructure and IT networks.

Adam Zwierzynski, CEO of Alstor, says: "transferring part of our business will improve our work and at the same time will not decrease our turnover. According to the plans, and the current level of implementation indicates that these plans are realistic, the turnover for 2019 will exceed the result achieved last year."

The owners of Alstor remain Adam Zwierzynski and Jan Siwek. The existing shareholders, Tomasz Szukała and Jarosław Kupiec, left the company and established Alstor SDS, which will take over a part of the existing obligations constituting a continuation of the business activity in the field of solutions for enterprises.

Alstor continues to offer its partners distribution products through its business units. And the spin-off of Alstor SDS will allow to improve the quality of cooperation between business partners and employees, facilitate the flow of information and improve the quality of services offered.

"This division was a consequence of natural changes which took place as a result of diversification of the offer and creation of specialized departments serving customers from different markets. As a specialised VAD distributor, we have always been committed to providing our customers with the right level of service. In turn, our suppliers received full support from us, including not only sales but also active promotion of their products on the Polish market. With the large number and variety of solutions offered by Alstor, it became difficult to meet the expectations of customers and business partners. The decision on the division of liabilities will certainly improve the functioning and effectiveness of both companies", adds Adam Zwierzynski.

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