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Exertis Welcomes Joan Meeting Room Booking System

Broadliner Exertis has inked a UK distribution agreement with Visonect for Joan, its award-winning digital display and meeting room booking system for easy scheduling of office spaces and meeting rooms.

Greg Bennett, Exertis Pro AV Solutions head of solutions

Greg Bennett, Exertis Pro AV Solutions head of solutions, said: “Joan is an easy-to-use system that helps companies to better organise and reserve meeting spaces and huddle rooms. It provides a simple, power-efficient and affordable way to display when a room is occupied or vacant, eliminating unnecessary interruptions and enabling you to book meetings on the spot if the room is free. Joan will provide our resellers with an additional option to provide a complete solution when kitting out meeting rooms.

Ideal for the corporate, education and government markets, Joan solutions seamlessly integrate with a variety of existing calendar and Wi-Fi networks to improve the way people use meeting and office spaces with a real-time schedule to show room availability. Users can search for available meeting rooms and book meetings from a single user-friendly interface. No drilling and no wiring are needed to install Joan. The digital display can be customised and branded with company images. In addition, with Joan analytics, companies can make informed decisions on meeting room usage to utilise space better, reduce estate costs and enhance productivity.

AV & IT play a major role in ensuring that people can work to the best of their ability. The workplace has undergone a transformation, in which the use of these functionalities should be intuitive, frictionless and scalable. Organisations want to ensure ROI on their meeting room investment, whilst providing effective and efficient use of it. Their employees want a user-friendly way to book and use these rooms and office spaces. Joan is supporting this by offering a meeting room booking solution for easy scheduling of office spaces and meeting rooms. Our approach is to create simple, easy-to-use, easy-to-install products and solutions with an outstanding design”, said Lex de Grijs, director Western Europe for Joan.

We are delighted to be partnering with Exertis in the UK & Ireland. Their specialist Pro AV Solutions division works with both AV specialists and IT resellers that are providing more productive workplaces for companies. Progressive companies are at the forefront of the next-gen work space and are taking advantage of the changes: better working conditions, less stress, better meetings, optimised costs, better utilisation of workplace assets, and much more. Joan saves organisations countless lost hours and frustrations by providing a room booking system that looks professional yet is easy to install and use. The average IT and AV investment in the office and meeting room space is significant. Joan enables organisations to generate ROI on this meeting room investment and supports effective and efficient use of it. Users experience Joan as an intuitive, user friendly way to book these assets”, added de Grijs.

Suitable for all sectors ranging from corporate to education and government, Joan provides an easy solution that seamlessly integrates with all the major existing calendar applications via Wi-Fi, improving the way people use meeting spaces with a real-time schedule to show room availability. The wide variety of additional integrations offer a wealth of additional functionality and use cases.

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