Kappa Data Takes over ozOos Distribution Business

Dirk Cipido, Business Development Manager for Kappa Data

Belgian network and security VAD Kappa Data has taken over the distribution business of ozOos for an undisclosed amount. With this acquisition, Kappa Data is strengthening its position in the French-speaking and Luxembourgish markets thanks to the solid customer relationship developed by ozOos. At the same time, Kappa Data adds a new brand to its portfolio: Sophos.

Since May 1st, ozOos customers have started to receive invoices from Kappa Data. This will be the only change. The rest will continue as usual for resellers. Kappa Data will honour all commercial terms and conditions of sale as agreed with ozOos from the strong base already built by ozOos.

To support this takeover, Kappa Data has taken over Dirk Cipido as Business Development Manager, who will be responsible for the development of the Sophos product range.