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MCA Goes into VAD Business

Patrice Benloulou, Senior Executive Business Developer for MCA Technology

French broadliner MCA Technology has decided to diversify its activities with the creation of a value division. To manage this new division, the distributor has decided to recruit Patrice Benloulou.

The value division will focus on physical security, cyber security, data management, data protection, networks and infrastructure. The first partnerships are on their way and ought to be signed within the coming weeks.

To manage and develop the value division, MCA Technology has appointed Patrice Benloulou as Senior Executive Business Developer. With more than 25 years of experience in the world of value-added distribution, during the last 10 years at D2B Informatique in the Operations Department and before that within Arrow ECS, in various management and animation functions at Channel IT, Patrice's mission will be to support this diversification within MCA Technology and this evolution towards software and hardware value offers. To launch the Value division, Patrice will use resources already available within MCA, and will setup a dedicated commercial and technical team.

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