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Beechhead Appoints IPsteel

Cameron Roberson, general manager of Beachhead

Encryption vendor has chosen security VAD IPsteel as its new distributor for the launch of Beachhead 6.4, its new encryption version of mobile user workstations for MSPs.

The new version will be offered in NFR version for integrators and MSPs without any obligation to purchase or commit. Developed for more than 10 years, the Beachhead solution, which is based on a unique technology, allows MSPs to offer an additional service to their customers by allowing them to encrypt all their customers' mobile environments.

Beachhead found that companies did not always secure their employees' mobile workstations, and has been developing an easy-to-manage solution for MSPs and integrators for many years. Beachhead allows you to manage safety on any quantity or combination of devices. And so to apply encryption on PCs, Mac, phones, tablets and USB storage of clients from the managed console for MSP. The Beachhead solution allows MSPs to remotely encrypt their customers' data and if the need to eliminate sensitive data from user workstations in the event of extreme risks and inappropriate use of data (loss, theft, destruction...).

"For French MSPs, this is an opportunity to add additional recurring revenue for customers who need compliance, to provide protection, to provide protection for mobile devices as a monthly managed service, and to provide their customers with regular reporting on mobile device encryption", said Cameron Roberson, general manager of Beachhead.

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