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Arrow ECS Adds IBM aaS offerings to its ArrowSphere Cloud Platform in UK

Infrastructure VAD Arrow ECS has added various IBM cloud solution sets to ArrowSphere. The added offering includes a broad range of IBM platform-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service solutions (IBM Cloud) as well as software-as-a-service (IBM MaaS360 and IBM SPSS).

The cloud computing suite IBM Cloud has more than 170 services that allow organisations to deploy and access virtualised IT resources through the cloud and develop and run applications for the public cloud. IBM MaaS360 is a cognitive unified endpoint management (UEM) solution that allows for consolidated management of all types of devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and wearables. Another new software available through ArrowSphere is IBM SPSS Statistics. The solution offers sophisticated data analysis including ad-hoc and predictive evaluation based on an advanced set of statistics tools.

Mark McHale, vice president UK and Ireland of Arrow ECS

The amount of cloud-related IBM services that cover nearly all types of requirements is increasing at an impressive speed”, says Mark McHale, vice president UK and Ireland of Arrow ECS. “This is not just a tremendous volume play for the channel, it also opens up new opportunities. It helps the channel grow into the artificial intelligence business, as these services can easily be linked with Watson and other AI applications. We look forward to implementing even more IBM cloud solutions over time in additional European countries and regions.

As a leading technology provider in the cloud channel, Arrow brings unique offerings to solution providers, system integrators and resellers looking to transition to a profitable cloud practice, accelerate their current cloud growth or optimise existing cloud services and investments. Arrow’s dedicated cloud-enablement practice is designed to enhance the expertise and offerings of solution providers and resellers, and to position them as trusted advisors to their end customers.

The ArrowSphere cloud platform enables solution providers to quote, order and provision a wide variety of cloud solutions in a matter of minutes. provides a single point of entry to Arrow’s comprehensive online resources aimed at guiding solution providers forward—no matter where they are in their journey to the cloud.

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