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Hiperdist Partners with Pelco Networks

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Broadliner Hiperdist, headquartered in Dubai, has announced a strategic partnership with Pelco for the West and East Africa regions. Pelco by Schneider Electric is a leading specialist in end-to-end video surveillance solutions and services including cameras, recording and management systems, software, and services.

Santosh Sansare, General Manager of Hiperdist

Santosh Sansare, General Manager of Hiperdist, said: “we are glad to partner with Pelco, one of the leaders in security technologies in the world. Pelco is an invaluable addition to our steadily growing portfolio of partners.

Saqib Khan, Business Manager at Hiperdist, described Pelco’s solutions: “Pelco offers a suite of options across verticals such as Oil and Gas, Banking and Finance, Airports, etc. Oil and Gas for instance, is one of the key industries where security is of prime importance, as they are among our most important infrastructure. Unfortunately, this also makes them highly attractive targets for sabotage, terrorism, protest, and other incursions. Hence, what the Oil and Gas industry needs is a security solution that automates monitoring and threat identification along the perimeter and within the exterior premises, and notifies security management whenever there is an incident that requires immediate response. Pelco’s wide suite of products such as VideoXpert VMS and Xtralis ADPRO IntrusionTrace help keep critical infrastructure safe from unauthorised individuals in every environment and weather condition.

Hiperdist is a leading technology distributor spanning multiple markets and application segments. It is now positioning strongly in the Middle East, especially the UAE market, in addition to expanding further in Africa, taking on leading brands in the market such as Pelco.

Speaking about the partnership, Santosh stated: “the MEA market is constantly reinventing itself. As technology continues to evolve, organizations in the region face a multitude of challenges that require new, inventive solutions. Looking ahead, innovative technology is set to be at the centre of our multi-faceted business approach. Our strategy is to focus on ‘new innovative solutions’ from established brands. We want to enable them in the Middle East and Africa distributing more such products into multiple markets.

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