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Maverick AV Solutions Meets the Potential of Collaboration with a Concrete Channel Offering

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Christian List, Business Unit Manager of Maverick AV Solutions

Tech Data's AV division Maverick AV Solutions is setting new clear priorities in the field of audiovisual technologies with a mature range of solutions and services for collaboration and smart spaces. Supporting retailers in tapping the immense sales potential is the top priority.

Modern tools fundamentally change the way we work and communicate today and in the future. Collaboration on the basis of cloud technologies is becoming more and more an integral part of the modern company and, thanks to the increasing popularity of online platforms, applications, but also collaboration and smart space concepts, it is impossible to imagine life without them. Regardless of the size and industry of the company, they help to increase productivity and business growth, to communicate and project efficiently from any location, to improve business processes and know-how transfer, and to reduce costs for travel and facilities.

State-of-the-art and innovative technologies, using AV, IoT, AI and Cloud solutions, as well as innovative eCollaboration tools, enable the creation of completely new collaboration environments and meeting experiences where participants feel comfortable, engagement and corporate culture are strengthened and workflows can be redefined.

Tech Data is not only relying on the classic market leaders in the various areas, but also on new, innovative providers. The increase in IoT applications and virtual reality tools in the collaboration segment is also foreseeable. The Munich-based distributor's portfolio includes solutions for modern meeting and conference rooms, for team collaboration and for a wide variety of industry-specific requirements for global and local companies of all sizes and for their employees. Solutions are designed with products from Microsoft, Zoom, Logitech, Lenovo, Avocor, Dell, Cisco, Crestron, NEC, Samsung, Huddly, Sharp and Quicklaunch.

Christian List, Business Unit Manager of Maverick AV Solutions at Tech Data, comments on the new direction: "the topics of collaboration and smart space hold many exciting details as well as almost inexhaustible growth potential for our partners - and not only for AV dealers. Considering that today only about 2% of all meeting rooms - out of approx. 60 million worldwide - are equipped with modern collaboration solutions, it quickly becomes clear where development can go. Together with our partners, we pursue the "platform first" philosophy in corporate projects. Only when the decision has been made for one or more platforms company-wide - regardless of whether it is a local company or a globally active group - will the corresponding hardware be added. This makes it all the more important to agree with the customer on a uniform communication architecture that takes into account both the various parameters and requirements for future collaboration. Our goal is to make business applications available securely and without restrictions, regardless of location, time, device and type of use. And I am very proud to be able to provide our services to our partners and their customers worldwide. Thanks to our clear strategy and globally aligned product and service portfolio, we are able to offer our partners this unique added value."

Tech Data's AV specialists offer a wide range of services for distributors, both for partners who have been in the AV segment for a long time and for partners seeking access to this market. On request, they work with you to develop globally valid communication architectures and meeting room concepts for corporate customers that include defined conference room solutions depending on room size and number of rooms. Maverick AV Solutions, based worldwide, guarantees a coordinated approach and a high level of service even for global projects, which greatly simplifies worldwide rollouts. Partners also benefit from Tech Data's broad end-to-end portfolio, which can be used for security issues, IoT or analytics implementation, or AI integration.

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