Merlion and Schréder Sign Distribution Agreement

​Russian broadliner Merlion has signed a distribution agreement with lighting vendor Schréder. Schréder manufactures a wide range of intelligent street and road lighting products that are used to create illumination in parks and recreation areas, to illuminate buildings and industrial buildings, as well as tunnels and other objects. In addition to the lighting products themselves, Schréder develops and manufactures lighting control systems.

Merlion and Schréder intend to work together to promote smart poles - automated systems that combine the functions of security, warning and street lighting in an innovative lamp post form factor. On the basis of which it is possible to create the infrastructure of a smart city, as well as a separate quarter or company.

This equipment is already used in a number of countries. In particular, smart poles were installed during the modernisation of the Milton-Keynes stadium in the United Kingdom. Similar equipment ensures the lighting and safety of the Dune Arena in Budapest (Hungary), a space equipped for international water sports competitions. In Toulouse (France), smart poles are installed in one of the city's squares, while in Brussels these devices illuminate the vicinity of a famous shopping mall.

Plans to modernise the infrastructure in Russia, involving the creation of a safe and energy-efficient environment for work and leisure, open up prospects for the implementation of Schréder solutions in various regions. Merlion, which has a wide channel for the promotion of high-tech products, expects to become a strategic partner of the manufacturer.