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SCS Computer Systems Distributes Kylli Kids

Stefan Sütter, managing director of SCS Computer Systeme

French interactive kid space vendor Kylii Kids is getting taller, thanks to a distribution deal with A/V and accessory specialist SCS Computer Systems. The brand is now available in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, a unique market that tends to favour premium providers.

According to Antoine Nuger, Sales Director of Kylii Kids: "the Swiss market is particularly demanding. To establish a long-term presence there, it is therefore necessary to already have a good international experience in the digital sector and to master the different working languages. The SCS Computer Systems team combines these qualities. She can rely on her successful experience in Switzerland and Liechtenstein in the digital world for 27 years. We trust him to develop Kylii Kids in this unique market, which tends to favour premium service providers. They stand out for their experience in carrying out high value-added projects and for their mastery of rigorous processes adapted to the specific needs of each client.

An original customer experience"

"Economic players in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany will be able to offer an original and optimised customer experience for families, parents and children alike. Interactive floors, touch screens, virtual reality solutions, augmented reality devices: it is up to them to choose which digital playground best suits their image, their space or their customer relationship. With a bank of 150 games available and new games all year round... In the land of William Tell, it will still be more fun and less dangerous than shooting an apple in the head of your son", adds Stefan Sütter, managing director of SCS Computer Systeme.

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