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Exclusive Networks Partners with Alsid

David Clarys, BU Manager at Exclusive Networks France

French infrastructure VAD Exclusive Networks partners with Alsid, an Active Directory security specialist. For the first time, Exclusive Networks is supporting the development of a French start-up. Alsid is a promising French cybersecurity start-up, which has just completed a record €13 million fundraising campaign in Europe.

Exclusive Networks' portfolio of solutions for its customers now includes the Alsid security offer. The company has designed a proactive solution to strengthen Active Directory infrastructures and detect attacks targeting them in real time. This solution meets an essential need to defend a critical IT component, a real cornerstone of corporate information systems, and today the main target of all large-scale attacks.

"By getting closer to Exclusive Networks, we wanted to benefit from a first-rate expertise and network of resellers in order to be able to support our customers as effectively as possible. By joining forces, we are giving ourselves every opportunity to achieve our international development objective", said Emmanuel Gras, CEO and co-founder of Alsid.

"It is important for us to enable French cybersecurity players such as Alsid to benefit from our international influence. We are looking forward to participating in the international development of another French company. It is more common to support foreign companies, particularly American ones, to set up in Europe. Today, the trend is reversing and the challenge is all the stronger and more impactful", says David Clarys, BU Manager at Exclusive Networks France.

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