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Exclusive Networks Partners with Opengear

David Clarys, BU Manager at Exclusive Networks France

French network and security VAD Exclusive Networks has unveiled a partnership with Opengear, a leading global provider of secure resilience and automation solutions for critical IT infrastructures. Opengear specialises in providing remote access to corporate network infrastructure through a secondary link known as the Out of Band.

Opengear relies on its alliance with Exclusive Networks to approach the main players active in the deployment of infrastructure, hosting, facilities management, facilities management and SD-Wan in Europe.

The objective is to build remote infrastructure administration and management solutions based on its technology and to retain a network of partners by the end of next year.

Thus, the portfolio of solutions offered by Exclusive Networks to its customers now includes Opengear's hardware offer as well as its centralised critical infrastructure management software.

"We have a real desire to establish ourselves in France and develop sales in France, Spain, Italy and French-speaking Africa by consolidating existing partners and recruiting new ones. That's why we decided to leverage Exclusive Networks' expertise and network of known resellers to support our growth", said Romain Pia, Head of Sales Channel Southern Europe at Opengear.

The solutions of this editor provide a centralised control capability via an Internet connection or via 3/4G and access to the console, IP or USB port of the supervised equipment in order to restart or repair them remotely in the event of a failure or a failed main connection. These functionalities meet the needs of customers who have equipment spread over many sites and do not have the IT skills or resources required to manage them on site. By reducing repair and re-commissioning time, Opengear customers reduce the cost of travel for operational teams. The result is better proactivity and responsiveness to incidents.

"It is important for us to share our influence in France and abroad with American players like Opengear. We are very pleased to welcome Opengear, the market leader in out-of-band access, to our service catalogue. Their solutions allow centralised access to the console port of datacenter or remote site equipment via an Internet, Wi-Fi or 4G connection. No need to have a technician moved, it is a gain in productivity and responsiveness for partners and a gain in time for the customer", says David Clarys, BU Manager at Exclusive Networks France.

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