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The Rise of Large Monitors in Early Q2 2019 Boost Revenues in West Europe

Dominika Koncewicz, Senior Analyst for Displays at CONTEXT

Revenues from desktop monitors sold through distributors in West Europe (WE) continued to grow in early Q2 2019 (April and May) by +12% year-on-year after an already strong first quarter. Larger monitors, with screens above 76cm, made a significant contribution, according to the latest data published by CONTEXT, the technology market intelligence company.

In the first two months of the second quarter, combined sales of business- and consumer-targeted monitors were up by +9% year-on-year and sales of large monitors (>76cm) grew by +57%. In Q1, the business segment was stronger but, in early Q2, WE distributors saw a +12% increase in unit sales and revenues from consumer monitors while sales of business monitors increased more slowly, by only +7% year-on-year. However, thanks to increased sales of large and premium models, the revenues generated grew more quickly and were up by +12% year-on-year.

The average selling price (ASP) of large monitors exceeds €350 and, while prices of consumer models continue to decline, the ASP of business models has been growing since Q3 2018, reaching €550 in early Q2 2019.This trend has been most noticeable for vendors such as Dell and LG who have recently seen sales of more expensive 86cm (ASP > €450) and 124cm (ASP > €900) pick up. Other vendors, including Samsung, Philips and HP, have also witnessed increased demand for their larger business-oriented monitors.

Amongst consumers, 80cm models dominate and sales continue to grow due to their relatively affordable price (€240). However, WE distributors are seeing increasing interest in 109cm and even 124cm consumer models, particularly in the retail and SMB channels, as these have lower prices than their business equivalents.

Sales of larger monitors are expected to continue to grow in the coming quarters fuelled not only by the overall trend towards larger screen real estate and the needs of gamers and creative professionals, but also by launches of new models”, said Dominika Koncewicz, Senior Analyst for Displays at CONTEXT. “The fact that Apple now offers its own 81cm model – its first for three years – highlights the growth of the monitor market and demonstrates that it has further revenue potential.

Country split – Desktop monitors with screen size >=76 cm


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