Ingram Micro Plays with Guillemot

Joram Sluijter, Senior Business Unit Manager at Ingram Micro

Broadliner Ingram Micro Nederland has signed a distribution agreement with Guillemot Corporation to start supplying the products of Hercules and Thrustmaster as of today.

Hercules products are a leader in the DJ and musical entertainment market. From their first sound card to their latest high-tech mixing consoles, Hercules has built up a level of expertise and know-how that is widely recognised in the audio industry.

Thrustmaster is proud to bring all its know-how and technological expertise to the video game accessories market, creating products for high-precision gaming, such as racing wheels, joysticks and gaming console accessories.

"With the vendor Guillemot, we are bringing in two wonderful new brands that truly complement our current range", says Joram Sluijter, Senior Business Unit Manager at Ingram Micro. "Thrustmaster is the market leader in the gaming segment, a segment in which Ingram Micro is now a real player of stature. Thrustmaster is the example of the right brand with the right licenses in the gaming market, think of Ferrari for example. Hercules is a great brand for the growing group of people involved in music. With Hercules, someone can develop as a DJ and it offers great products at very reasonable prices. Ingram Micro is proud to be able to grow these new brands and is pleased with the confidence that Guillemot has in us as a distributor."

Mark Groen, Key Account Manager Netherlands at Guillemot, says: "Ingram Micro is our gateway to new markets and opportunities. The reseller channel is changing rapidly and drastically, in Ingram Micro we see the partner who is walking this new path together."