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ASBIS Romania Launches its Marketplace

After several other distributors, broadliner ASBIS Romania has official launched its own marketplace. According to the distributor, ASBIS Cloud Marketplace allows resellers to quickly offer cloud solutions and services from Microsoft, Samsung Knox, SonicWall, Adobe, ABBYY or Corel to their customers. The ASBIS Cloud Marketplace now offers any company, regardless of their size, access to:

  • security solutions for the enterprise-class computer and email network - SonicWall, Microsoft Azure, Samsung Knox

  • security solutions for mobile, enterprise-class mobile terminals - Samsung Knox

  • digital image and digital image processing solutions - ABBYY, Adobe, Corel

  • document, spreadsheet, presentation, or note management applications - Microsoft Office 365

  • collaborative platform solutions - Office 365, Samsung Knox

  • e-mail services, business-class instant messaging - Microsoft Office 365

  • data storage solutions - Office 365

  • centralised account management and account settings - Office 365, SK, SonicWall

For resellers, the ASBIS Cloud Marketplace offers the following advantages:

  • Monthly or annual subscription fee for each user

  • Migration from capital to operating expenses

  • Minimum licensing investments (per user)

  • Small, fixed and predictable monthly costs

For resellers, it brings operational advantages:

  • all users use the same version of the solution - the latest available on the market

  • mobile apps for Windows, Android, and iOS phones and tablets

  • access from anywhere and at any time to the information entrusted to them by the IT administrator or by the company;

  • simultaneous processing of a document by multiple users without content conflicts

  • immediate blocking of mobile devices or tablets in the event of theft, destruction or loss.

The cloud also offers them interesting technical advantages:

  • changing the perception of the IT department of the capital consumer in support of the business

  • managing access rights to company data for each individual user

  • migration from hardware server administration to management of delivered services and solutions

  • perfect integration and immediate access to company infrastructure for each user added

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