Arrow ECS Distributes Pure Storage


Milan Bartek, Director, Virtualisation and Infrastructure, Arrow ECS Czechia

Infrastructure VAD Arrow ECS has started the distribution of Pure Storage's state-of-the-art technology solutions in Czechia. These are the most powerful file and object flash storage solutions, AI-ready infrastructures, F2F2C (F2F2C), F2F2C (innovative F2F2C) and hybrid cloud data services.

Pure Storage is a leader in storage solutions that helps innovators create a better world with data. The company enables customers to deploy next-generation technologies, including artificial intelligence or machine learning solutions, to maximise the value of their data and gain a competitive edge. Its unique Evergreen model enables customers to deploy storage systems at once and then update and extend them as needed, whether they are capacity, density, performance or range of system features - all without any downtime or negative system performance.

Pure Storage is 100% focused on distribution channels and intends to strengthen distribution in the EMEA region through a dedicated distributor program. The aim is to promote business growth and to establish itself in new markets and in new market sectors by better meeting customer needs.

Modern, powerful Pure Storage solutions will bring new business opportunities to Arrow ECS on the Czech market as the company provides significant added value in this market segment and complementary services such as business case registration or proof-of-concept. The highly specialised team will provide consulting and expert services, technical support and training for Pure Storage solutions, which vendors use to deploy storage solutions, artificial intelligence, hybrid cloud and data protection in customer environments.

"By incorporating Pure Storage, we are expanding our portfolio with innovative storage and data management solutions", said Milan Bartek, Director, Virtualisation and Infrastructure, Arrow ECS Czechia. "It is important to us that Pure Storage is a fast growing company with an expanding portfolio and strong support for its partner network."

"It's great to have support from distributors like Arrow ECS in Czechia", said Matthieu Brignone, Area Vice President of EMEA Partners, Pure Storage. “Pure Storage always chooses distribution partners carefully, which is one of the reasons that we believe we work with the industry's best partners. Our partnership with Arrow is of key importance to our strategy, as it will promote the involvement of VAR dealers and our focus on distribution sales while focusing on the best solutions for our customers.

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