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MCR Attacks the Stationary Market

Juan Sanz, manager of ab Materials

Leveraging on the bankruptcy of Adveo, Spanish broadliner MCR Info Electronic has decided to open up a business unit dedicated to the stationary market, beside its first BU MCR Pro, dedicated to the value market. Named ab materials, the BU has the team of 12 professionals led by two experienced executives, Juan Sanz (former director of Western Digital in Spain), and Santiago Marín (a former employee of Adveo and Spicers as well as passed-away computer distributors).

The goal of MCR with ab materials is to become the leader of stationary distribution for offices and schools within five years. The company will have to adapt to the challenges of stationary distribution, with low-cost products and specific logistics, hence the recruitment of specialists of this business.

MCR started to think about the stationery business two years ago, but wasn't fully ready until recently. The company has already created a dedicated portfolio with brands such as Alpino, Bic, Fellowes, HP, Pattex, Pilot, Staedtler, Tesa or Tipp-Ex.

Juan Sanz said: "I'm pleased to have met the deadlines for implementing the project. We will now take advantage of opportunities for cross-selling with MCR IT offer. Of course, we plan to sign more brands in the future, on a selective way."

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