DSD Europe Bets on DACH Region

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Thijs van de Moosdijk, founder and general manager of DSD Europe
Thijs van de Moosdijk, founder and general manager of DSD Europe

Dutch software e-distribution specialist DSD Europe is setting its views on the DACH (Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland) region, with the appointment of a dedicated account manager, Valérie Vernout. Its e-distribution platform is available in several languages, including German, to serve more efficiently German-speaking IT resellers, but an account manager as a contact person in their native language was missing until now. Valérie is responsible for acquisition, business development and further growth in the DACH region.

German-speaking IT resellers can purchase software licenses (ESDs) from more than 25 software brands via the DSD platform. By purchasing via the platform, an IT reseller is always assured of legitimate software, which the distributor supply digitally 24/7. In order to increase the brand awareness of DSD Europe, an agreement has been concluded with comparison platform ITscope, which is hugely popular in Germany.

The DSD platform is designed in such a way that an IT reseller can purchase, manage and activate software itself from the end user. Valérie Vernout is ready to provide feedback to German-speaking IT resellers via live chat, skype, e-mail or telephone: "for us, the DACH region is an important focus market with a lot of knowledge and innovation in the field of software licenses and cloud services", says Thijs van de Moosdijk, founder and general manager of DSD Europe.

"The German software landscape attaches great importance to quality and reliability. These are core values that I, as an account manager, can and want to offer my customers. DSD Europe is currently expanding strongly internationally and I look forward to achieving further growth in the DACH region in the coming period", adds Valérie Vernout, account manager DACH at DSD Europe.