A Record Turnover for Omega

Omega Managing Director Günter Neubauer

Omega, Austria's largest IT distributor, looks back on the most successful year in the company's history. The expert for digitisation and networked technologies has been able to continuously increase its business result since its foundation and reports record sales of €301m for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019.

"For 2019, we have set ourselves the goal of growing even faster than in previous years. With an increase in sales of 56.1 million euros over the previous year, we have clearly succeeded in doing this", says Omega Managing Director Günter Neubauer, pleased with the annual balance sheet. "We were even able to double our total sales compared to 2015."

The successful course is evident across the entire product portfolio. The positive development of the foreign business, in which Omega is increasingly asserting itself, is particularly pleasing: "due to the increasing demand, we were not only able to increase our export quota, but also our foreign sales by 23%. And this in the same proportion as our overall growth in the past financial year."

The company is particularly proud of winning large-volume projects in the area of managed services for well-known customers in the infrastructure and mobility sectors. Although it is an important pillar of the business segment, Omega is no longer exclusively a distributor. The expansion of the service portfolio in the direction of Managed Services is a step towards the future and is also reflected in the growing figures.

"The Shareconomy approach has not only established itself in the consumer sector with car sharing and Co., but is also becoming increasingly important in the business context", Günter Neubauer explains. "It is no longer a matter of owning software, clients, devices, etc.", says Neubauer. "The use itself is in the foreground with our customers. To support them in the best possible way is our great strength."

"In order to help our customers concentrate on their daily business, we stand by them as a reliable business partner. We recognise important market trends, pick up on innovative and promising solutions and provide our customers with the IT infrastructure and services they need for their success", says Neubauer, providing insight into Omega's recipe for success.

The expansion of the various business areas takes this into account. In the past financial year, Omega also addressed the increasing demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable IT infrastructure in its own product portfolio and, with Circular Computing, brought a functioning concept for a closed value chain to Austria. The further development of integrated solutions, for example in e-procurement, meets the customer's demand for integrated systems, while Omega is responding to the trend towards increased visualisation with the expansion of its digital signage expertise in the past financial year.

After around three decades in the market and a success story clearly documented in figures, Omega decided last year to enter into a strategic partnership with ACP and TEKAEF. "With bundled competences we will be able to service our customers even better in the future. Together, we will show them even more opportunities with which they can successfully master their challenges better than ever before", the Omega Managing Director is convinced. "Our course is clearly directed towards the future. By joining forces, we want not only to be a leading player today, but also to set the direction in the market in the future."


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