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Arrow ECS Enhances ArrowSphere

Alexis Brabant, vice president sales of Arrow ECS in EMEA

Infrastructure VAD Arrow ECS has added new functionalities to ArrowSphere, its multi-tier cloud platform that enables solution providers and value-added resellers to quote, order, manage, analyse and invoice a wide variety of cloud solutions. ArrowSphere connects cloud vendors with the channel and with end customers.

Arrow constantly extends the set of vendors, cloud services and tools available on ArrowSphere, including a deep integration of application programming interfaces. More than 50 leading cloud vendors participate in the cloud platform.

Latest add-ons include a new user interface with the end user portal MyCloudPortal, as well as FinOps and DevOps tools:

  • MyCloudPortal: the web portal further extends the capabilities of ArrowSphere to end-user customers with a turnkey site, through which customers can seamlessly purchase cloud services, manage their cloud subscriptions and analyse their use of services, setting budgets and thresholds where required. MyCloudPortal can be customised by channel customers, with logos, colours and fonts, and they can add their own products and services to the portal as SKUs for their end customers to order as “as-a-service” utility cloud services.

  • FinOps: ArrowSphere comes with a consolidated dashboard to monitor cloud business in real time. Viewing IaaS monthly trends by customers, zooming into subscription level to set alerts and get projected consumption or analysing the churn on SaaS products, Arrow's Finops Tools are a smart control panel for sales teams to track customer activity, understanding business trends and take appropriate actions.

  • DevOps: new development operations tools allow users to orchestrate their IaaS and PaaS offering through ArrowSphere. Microsoft ARM and AWS cloud formation templates are available to provision resources. Users are able to choose from existing libraries and customise them or add third-party solutions.

ArrowSphere offers a flexible set of cloud approaches for the channel and end customers, with different options for quotes and orders, managing cloud services, analytics and billing. A dedicated ArrowSphere team helps customers manage the entire workflow. With an updated, simpler, user-friendly interface, ArrowSphere now allows more flexibility to create and customise dashboards that suit different businesses requirements.

Since 2012, ArrowSphere is well established in the European cloud channel market, with thousands of active customers transacting via the platform”, says Alexis Brabant, vice president sales of Arrow ECS in EMEA. “Value-added resellers and managed service providers, as well as end customers, benefit from end-to-end cloud lifecycle management, and we are committed to constantly upgrade the platform with new vendors, services and functionalities.

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