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LetSignIt Chooses Ingram Micro

Sophie Drk, Product Manager at Ingram Micro

Broadliner Ingram Micro Sweden has been chosen by Letsignit, a French editor specialised in email signatures management, as an official distributor. With Letsignit, companies can turn their e-mail into a powerful marketing tool. “With Letsignit, we broaden our offering with a product that complements Microsoft's products. It is also a product that works very well with Office 365 and which we believe has the potential to add great value to our retailers", says Sophie Drk, Product Manager at Ingram Micro. Email messages are an important part of daily communication with 121 emails received and 40 sent by the average employee. Here is a great communication opportunity that is still relatively untapped. Letsignit allows companies to capitalise on this channel while solving common problems such as adversely affecting the brand image due to unprofessional signatures or emails displaying the wrong logo. With its easy-to-use, centrally managed interface, users can automatically benefit from signatures and banners in just a few clicks. There is no reason to be an expert, as several ready-made templates are offered with the possibility of further customisation. While companies can leverage the potential of their emails, Letsignit makes every employee a brand ambassador, which shows the corporate culture and builds brand awareness. The great strength of Letsignit lies in its easy use, the ability to add and schedule banners for different groups, departments or employees and to do immediate follow-up. The tool also provides statistical information by tracking the number of clicks per signature and banner. “Letsignit is much more than an email signature management tool, it is a strategic marketing tool that allows companies of all sizes to make better use of their email messages. The administrator can add banners to the emails from various departments as well as track their performance, analyse them and make decisions for upcoming banners. It is a really good tool, not only for the user but also for the retailer who wants to increase their offer", says Sébastien Telouk, VP Sales at Letsignit. Retailers find Letsignit profitable by helping them differentiate their offering and increase their annual revenue. The solution is easy to sell because of its proven technology that has been developed together with Microsoft teams, is highly regarded by companies and covers a great need in the market. Resellers also get many benefits through Letsignit's partner program and service. They receive free internal licenses to test and use the product, as well as resources, training and one-on-one follow-up for the organisation's staff.

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