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ASBIS Signs with Tableau

Oleg Melnyk, Head of the Project Distribution Department of ASBIS-Ukraine

Broadliner ASBIS, in partnership with Vizuators (the BI-division of ASBIS Group) has started the distribution of Tableau, the BI market leader. The implementation and use of Tableau enables businesses to achieve great results in the short term, see and analyse their data, and find new competitive advantages.

Tableau software do not require training or costly implementation, as they are based on interactive analytics technologies that enables users to quickly and comprehensively analyse large amounts of information:

  • VIZQL, which can be used to create sophisticated one-click visualisation

  • Data Engine, which manage millions of rows in seconds

The main benefits of Tableau functionality are:

  • deployment speed and scalability

  • ability to connect to more than 60 data sources (file systems, PDF, JSON, databases, web interfaces)

  • minimum staffing requirements in terms of initial knowledge and skills

  • tools for creating dashboards and analytics by business users themselves

  • mailings and messages for users

  • integration with Python and R

  • simple and transparent pricing policy

  • support for a community of more than 150,000 users

  • a large number of open resources and material for self-education

  • embedded analytics - the ability to embed analytics into portals and online resources

Tableau Software Family includes:

  • Tableau Desktop: a personal software to easily analyse any type of data type and create reports in minutes. The software is installed on the analyst's workstation, connected to data sources and used to create data models, reports, dashboards as Tableau workbooks, for subsequent publication in Tableau Server.

  • Tableau Prep: a simple, easy-to-use product that prepares data for business analysis and ETL functions - extraction, conversion and data loading, as well as many other options to use standard ETL scripts more easily.

  • Tableau Server: a collaborative software solution to publish analytics in a web browser. Users can report, filter and sort data, etc. without the involvement of IT professionals within the existing IT architecture.

  • Tableau Online: basically has the same capabilities as Tableau Server, but based in the cloud.

Users are provided with three package deals for different purposes, analytics, and specialist teams:

  1. Tableau Creator: for analysts who want to optimise their workflow to find ideas inside the data as quickly as possible with a powerful toolkit

  2. Tableau Explorer: for business users who want to explore proven data and get answers to their own questions using self-service analytics

  3. Tableau Viewer: for regular users who need to view analytics, dashboards and sideboards from time to time on a secure and easy-to-use platform

"We are pleased to present Ukrainian users with a service from a leading global developer that will make their work on data easier to perceive, more enjoyable to research and more efficient. Tableau is a versatile analytics tool that allows you to work with data of any format and generate reports at all levels of complexity. Th advantages of the platform are obvious: it has wide possibilities of visualisation of the information and at the same time does not require long introduction, since its installation takes only up to 90 seconds. Having industry-ready solutions, generating any report in just a few steps, high speed of result - a find for any specialist, and intuitive interface and low product cost - a definite plus for a manager who does not need to spend significant resources for the implementation of the system, nor for the training of personnel”, says Oleg Melnyk, Head of the Project Distribution Department of ASBIS-Ukraine.

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