Infinigate Distributes Entrust Datacard Solutions

Stéphanie Kayser, General Manager of Infinigate France

Entrust Datacard, a leader in digital identity services and secure document delivery solutions, has signed a new partnership agreement with security VAD Infinigate for the French market. The agreement covers the entire range of Entrust Datacard products, including strong authentication solutions and PKI offers.

In the United States, Entrust Datacard's MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) offers have already been recognised for several years now as they are used by many leading companies and banks, as well as by government agencies.

"The DSP2, the most recent regulatory directive of the European Commission (EC) and the European Banking Authority (EBA), is at our doorstep. Transaction security requirements must be met by September 2019 at the latest, and many banking institutions are looking for a solution to ensure highly secure, next-generation Internet or smartphone access and a simple, secure and transparent customer experience", explains Sébastien Tormos, Field Marketing Director for the EMEA region.

"Entrust Datacard provides added value to integration companies responsible for meeting the specifications and deadlines of the DSP2 directives in France. Faced with the delay of some banking institutions, this is a tremendous opportunity to bring Entrust Datacard's know-how to France and to strengthen our catalogue with a real technological innovation in terms of trust identity, which we strongly support with the implementation of a dedicated commercial and technical team to support our partners in the implementation of safer, simpler transaction systems and in line with the compliance requirements of the European authorities. Entrust Datacard is already distributed within the Infinigate group in 7 countries, it is a real international competence centre that is being implemented here for Infinigate, both for the banking sector and on strong authentication and PKI issues in companies of all sizes", adds Stéphanie Kayser, General Manager of Infinigate France.