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Westcoast and Primo Partner up

Ashley Watts, Accessories Commercial Director at Westcoast

British broadliner Westcoast has unveiled a new partnership with Primo, an educational tech company. Primo’s innovative vision makes them ideal partners for Westcoast, one of the UK’s leading IT distributors. Westcoast distribute some of the best-known global IT brands to resellers, retailers and other organisations in the UK, the Republic of Ireland and mainland Europe. They’re known for their relentless pursuit of excellence when it comes to serving their customers – which makes their partnership with Primo Toys a natural fit.

Since 2013, Primo Toys have been on a mission to help children between 3 and 6 realise their full creative potential. Their learning toys introduce STEM skills such as coding, engineering, and mathematics to early years pupils, without the use of screens. Primo Toys’ first product, Cubetto – which is used in classrooms and homes in more than 100 countries – is now available through Westcoast.

Head of Marketing & Sales, John Galpin, commented: “we’re delighted to have partnered with Westcoast. As one of the UK’s largest and best distributors, they’re in a great position to help us help children across the country fulfil their potential.

Ashley Watts, Accessories Commercial Director at Westcoast, added: “it’s brilliant to be working alongside one of the most innovative educational technology manufacturers out there. This is the start of an exciting new chapter for Westcoast and our resellers.

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