MTI Cooperates with Trust

Sergey Yakovlev, commercial director of MTI

Despite the war waged by Russia in the country, Ukrainian broadliner MTI continues business and has started the delivery of Trust products through its reseller network. The Ukrainian market will receive an extensive range of accessories with original design for mobile gadgets, computers and gaming devices.

The portfolio of Trust consists of three main lines of products:

  • Trust PC accessories: from the most budgetary and simple to premium with built-in software and specific functions. This line of products includes mice, keyboards, microphones, webcams, memory cards, chargers, bags, adapters, Wi-Fi equipment.

  • Trust Gaming: a separate product category for both PC and consoles, with a wide assortment (chairs, gamepads, mice, rudders, joysticks, keyboards, etc.)

  • Trust Urban: a line of products targeting young, active people who want to stand out with a stylish and colourful gadgets. It includes such products as headphones, portable chargers, power cables, acoustic systems, covers, holders, etc.

According Sergey Yakovlev, commercial director of MTI: "Trust products correspond to modern design and functionality trends. New and updated versions of the products are launched regularly, with all the necessary certificates and guarantees."