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Kondor Launches Eco-friendly Initiative for Brands

James Murphy, Kondor's head of marketing

British CE accessory distributor Kondor had unveiled an initiative to help make their own brand and vendors’ product packaging more environmentally friendly. This includes reducing the size of packaging, removing single-use plastics, using more sustainable and eco-friendly materials and educating the end customer on recycling.

Kondor has been working with O2 with a commitment to removing all single use plastics from their branded accessory products by the end of 2019.

Being a company based on the coast, the problem of plastic pollution is at the forefront of our minds. O2 has been extremely supportive and receptive to creating more sustainable packaging. Our creative, design team has reduced the carton sizes in order to make the packaging as economical as possible, using less materials and replacing the use of single use plastic and the need for magnets. In addition, we have added a stronger and more visible, recycling message on the outer casing”, said James Murphy, Kondor's head of marketing. “We have been working on sourcing biodegradable and compostable options to replace plastics. Creating more eco-friendly packaging is a great example of the value-added services that we can provide for our brands and one which clearly resonates with manufacturers and consumers.”

Kondor estimate that removing SUP from O2 branded accessories will save over 974kg of plastic in the first year alone, equivalent to the weight of nearly 6,000 iPhone X devices. Globally, roughly 300 million tons of plastic are produced per year; 8 to 12 million tons of these end up in oceans and have severe consequences for marine life. Around 80% of plastic waste in the ocean originates on land, much of it is packaging₁.

Working with O2, Kondor has reduced the dimensions of their boxes, replaced a single use plastic euro hook with cardboard, whilst still retaining its rigidity and strength, removed the box flap - so that there is no need for magnets - and the plastic window to display the product. Box messaging includes highlighting product efficiency and how and where to recycle cables, other tech and the packaging.

Robin Bartlett, O2, accessory portfolio manager, said: “consumers are evermore eco-aware, caring about how and where their products and their packaging are produced. Reducing our environmental impact through a more innovative approach to our packaging and the materials used is just as important as providing our customers with great products. We were delighted to work with Kondor on this initiative.


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