ALSO Presents the Future of Innovative Streaming Services

Gustavo Möller-Hergt, CEO of ALSO Holding

More and more companies want to offer games and other content from the cloud – and 5G will continue to spur this trend. At Gamescom 2019, broadliner ALSO successfully demonstrated the power of its highly efficient virtualisation platform, which makes cloud streaming of online games, videos and music, as well as virtualisation of data-intensive B2B applications such as 3D printing or edge computing, much faster and less expensive. This enables data-intensive content to be streamed with minimal latency – anytime, anywhere. ALSO offers this service as subscription model – an interesting option for telecommunications and gaming providers as well as for device manufacturers, retailers and etailers.

At Gamescom 2019, ALSO hit the bull's eye with its new virtualization platform, which was launched at the end of March 2019: The independent technology solution, which is based on the developments of the Spanish cooperation partner Ludium Lab, differs massively from other platform solutions because it optimises the use of the hardware infrastructure. The platform-as-a-service solution allows content to be made available in very high quality (FULL HD at 60fps) with very low latencies and very little need of computing capacity from the cloud. Users can subscribe to, buy or use content on demand - in excellent picture and audio quality. There is currently no comparable product on the market with such a good price/performance ratio. Streaming can be done directly via all internet-enabled devices.

"ALSO has started to invest in its own virtualisation platform already several years ago", says Gustavo Möller-Hergt, CEO of ALSO Holding. "It enables the streaming of highly complex data streams with very high reaction speeds. We thus offer a performant games streaming platform, a kind of Gamesflix. This new platform shows ALSO's potential as an innovative technology provider."

In particular extremely data-intensive cloud gaming, which requires reliable and high-performance network infrastructures with the lowest possible latencies, is a particularly demanding use case. With its virtualisation platform at Gamescom, ALSO impressively demonstrated how strong the new solution is.