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Kondor Holds it, Hooks it, Docks it

James Murphy, Kondor head of marketing

British mobile specialist Kondor has unveiled a supplier agreement for the iRing, an attachable accessory for smartphones. The iRing enables users to hold, hook or dock their smart device. It comes in a variety of colours and finishes.

James Murphy, Kondor head of marketing, said: “the iRing is a versatile accessory that will prove popular with our retailers as we build up to peak period. It enables you to hold your phone tightly and securely, hang it in your home or office or dock it on your vehicle dashboard. Kickstands are a useful accessory in their own right but with iRing, you really get two accessories for the price of one.

The iRing can attach to the pack of a phone or phone case with an adhesive pad which can hold up to 7 kg. Its compact swivel hinge provides 180° swivel and 360° rotation, and functions as a horizontal and vertical kickstand. Additional hooks can be purchased for use in more locations. The adhesive pad can be applied and removed without leaving any excess residue.

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