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Omega Distributes Climate-Neutral Laptops

Omega Managing Director Günter Neubauer

Under the motto "Green IT", Austrian broadliner Omega has been focusing for years on a sustainable and resource-saving handling of IT infrastructure. The fact that the rethinking process is now beginning to affect customers is reflected in the increasing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly products, which Omega, in cooperation with Circular Computing, has been offering as the only IT reprocessing company worldwide in Austria for six months now.

Following the recently launched partnership between Omega and Circular Computing, the world's only IT remanufacturer, the full range of sustainable IT is now also available for companies in Austria. This includes the introduction of two new models, the HP 840 G2 & G3, first available in Austria from Omega. For the first time, IT procurement professionals, business economists and schools in Austria can now buy enterprise-class laptops with an excellent price/performance ratio. Knowing that they are also the most sustainable, ethically sound and environmentally friendly computers in the world.

25% of Austrians consider the global environmental challenges of climate change to be due. "Never before has awareness of the sustainable use of resources and the associated activism been as high as it is today. We are also beginning to feel this in business", says Omega Managing Director Günter Neubauer. "More and more customers are dealing with recycling and circular economy and are also increasingly interested in these aspects when choosing their IT infrastructure."

Companies around the world that choose Circular Computing products have already saved millions of dollars while helping to protect the planet. "Omega was chosen to lead the Circular Computing initiative in Austria because they showed a passion and vision for a better future for people and planets", said Rod Neale, founder of Circular, about the background to the collaboration. In response, since February of this year Omega has had Circular Computing equipment in its portfolio that disassembles, cleans, repairs and upgrades old equipment purchased from companies in a 5-hour reprocessing process. The end product is as good as new in appearance, performance and standards.

Alarming figures show that environmentally friendly and sustainable offers are urgently needed on the market. More than 160 million new laptops are produced every year. It uses critical natural resources and releases CO2 emissions that drive climate change. In the EU alone, 160,000 laptops are disposed of every day and millions of tons of electronic scrap are produced. This means that 70% of the laptops disposed of could be reused without any problems.

"There is an urgent need for action and we must not allow IT to become a threat to the environment", says Günter Neubauer. "As a technology provider, it is our responsibility to the economy and society to make our contribution to a sustainable planet. For years, we have attached great importance to sustainability, which in the area of IT infrastructure can only function with a holistic orientation along the cycle economy. With Circular Computing we are on the right track."

Omega also thinks sustainability beyond the IT infrastructure. The business location in Vienna's industrial centre, Omega City, is almost CO2 neutral thanks to an in-house photovoltaic system, the conversion to LED lamps and the installation of an intelligent building management system. The distribution centre in Ried im Innkreis, which is currently under construction, will also be built according to the latest sustainability criteria.

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